It is very rarely that I wake up remembering a dream.  Does this mean that I don’t have dreams?  I not sure of the correct scientific response to that question, but I do know that all of us have dreams of what we would like our lives to be like, what we hope and dream our kids’ lives will be like.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming, unless those dreams take priority over God.

Two things defeat people in life today.  The first is an incessant worrying about tomorrow that leads to an unhealthy need for money and possessions.  It is far too easy to start chasing the wrong dream.  Our society is guilty of this.  We live in a material world.  Day after day we are bombarded with images of what success looks like, the right car, the big house, the correct number of zeroes in the paycheck.  The irony is that no matter how hard to work the dream will never be met.  You will always want more.

The second, is the re-occurring nightmare of our past decisions that cripple our self-value and usability by God.  We limit what God can do in our lives by buying the lie that we are not good enough to be used by Him.  When a person believes this they going to miss out on what our loving God has in store for them.  The Bible is full of amazing stories of God taken broken, imperfect, messed up people and doing incredible things through them.  The evil one would love for you to think that you are not good enough to be used.  Here’s the big problem, when you believe this you misunderstand the power of God’s grace.  You are telling god that his son’s death wasn’t enough to forgive you.  How ridiculous is that?  Jesus, the son of God died for you.  His blood cleanses you past, present, and future.  Don’t miss out on being a part of God’s dream for you!

Take a minute and think about these questions.  If you could do anything for God, what would it be?  And, what is keeping you from living out the dream?